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Armored Car Services

Armored Car Services - Tinley Park

Anmol Super Taxi Inc. incorporating Armoured Car Services are proud to offer a world-class luxury armored car service. Our Armored Car Service is for customers that include government officials, business leaders, international corporations, religious leaders and high net worth clients to name a few.

Anmol Super Taxi Inc.'s armored car services are also now hiring out these protective vehicles in the Tinley Park. We at Anmol Super Taxi Inc. offer a great range of armored vehicles from Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW and also Mercedes to name a few. With people not wanting to buy a brand new armored vehicle, we now have the capability of offering for sale armored vehicles which are no longer needed by their owners as most of them have upgraded. Please contact us for our pre-owned Armored vehicle stock list. Having the option of also having your vehicle Armoured to whatever level of ballistic protection you need; you can rely on Anmol Super Taxi Inc. in Tinley Park.

Our armored vehicles carry with them all the adjectives stated in the descriptions of the vehicles with the added comfort. Our armored cars are truly impregnable fortresses on wheels. The armored vehicles offered by the Anmol Super Taxi Inc. are the epitome of security, luxury and style in Tinley Park with steel framed and lined car doors, to the bulletproof glass, and many other security related additions. All of the manufacturers we use for armored cars have tested the vehicles under the harshest and most violent conditions.